• Bound to the Warrior
  • Protected by the Warrior
  • Sheltered by the Warrior

Bound to the Warrior
Lady Ediva will do anything to protect her people, but marry a Norman knight? Adrien has survived many battles, but the fight to win Ediva's heart may be his most challenging and rewarding.

Protected by the Warrior
As a healer, Clara, she vowed to preserve life. Kenneth D'Entremont is a soldier, one who takes lives instead of healing them, but can she put her secrets, and her heart, under the protection of this warrior?

Sheltered by the Warrior
Baron Stephen de Bretonne's duty is to find the Saxons plotting against the king. Protecting a Saxon woman and her half-Norman child is a means to that end. But the lovely Rowena proves to be more than just a pawn in his plan.

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