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Other Books
  • Deadly Trust
  • All For A Good Cause
  • Hard Target
  • Trust No One
  • Necessary Secrets

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Deadly Trust
Barbara Phinney pens another winner! Deadly Trust is a delightful blend of checkered pasts, trust issues and suspense.

All For A Good Cause
So this philanthropist and beauty queen meet at a fundraiser. Wait for it...

Hard Target
Torn between her career, her heart and a new threat, Military Policewoman Sgt. Dawna Atkinson, must accept help from Tay Hastings, the one person who can ruin all she's worked so hard for.

Trust No One
A romantic suspense set on the misty cliffs of beautiful New Brunswick.

Necessary Secrets
A secret she can never tell... The truth he desperately needs...

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